Product Review Policy

Companies regularly send me products to review here on The Backwater Primer.

I do not always write about every product or company that sends me samples. My reviews are candid and often brutally honest: If I like a product, I say so, and why. If I don’t like a product, I say so, and why. If I love a product, I’ll gush about it for a long time. If I really, really love a product, especially one that supports green causes or animal welfare, I’ll become a half-crazed evangelist and make it my mission to try to get everyone in the world to try it.

As it turns out, most products have pros and cons, or are good for some people but not everyone. I always try to point out such subtleties to help my readers make the best possible purchase decisions. I never personally endorse a product I haven’t personally tried myself.

The Backwater Primer accepts samples and products for review so long as they are relevant to my readers. Examples include consumer electronics (portable speakers, laptops, smartphones, etc.), and film screeners. In addition, Stark Insider mat covers events in Olean and the greater WNY area including theater, food and wine festivals, cultural events, and destination travel.

I do not guarantee the timing of any review or story. Decisions related to the potential inclusion of products and samples covered on are strictly at the discretion of the blog owner. Reviews may also be included on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Pocket, and Instagram.

For information about sending samples or becoming a sponsor, please write to me at or if you have any questions.  (To avoid spam, this email link is not clickable. Just manually type the address into your email software.)