I Fell Back With the Time Too I Think

fall back


Hello, my dear readers!

I have had my post page open for over an hour now, fully intending to make a post.  I am way behind this week, for I should have started the two reviews that should be done by the end of this week and even started the book that I am suppose to be reading.

The past two days here we have had some beautiful weather, with today being the nicer of the two.  Today we hit 60 and it remained nice out until about 3 o’clock, when the sun began its descent to the horizon and it began to get chilly and dark out.  I managed to get laundry hung out both yesterday and today.  Gotta take advantage of the sun and the breezes whilst we have it(especially with out dryer broke!)

Today marked a very unprecedented event, something that I hope becomes tradition.  After Chris got out of work, we went down to our polling place, and he and I voted.  Chris is a man who will sit and complain about those in government and the laws but won’t do anything about it, especially vote, won’t go to the doctor, etc.  But Cuomo has become a bee under his bonnet(and I don’t blame him one bit) and he is not alone.  My heart lept in joy when he and I went down there together.  It may seem like a trite thing to some, but it made me feel awesome.  Now, if only his hardened heart will lax and he will rethink his stand on going to church…baby steps  🙂  They didn’t give us stickers down at out polling place(they must have run out, which often times happens) but instead I got a widget on my blog>>> look to your right  😀

So I am thinking, since we fell behind with our time change, I must have fallen behind too.  I do feel the change more so this year than in the past.  I look at the clock thinking it is one time but it is actually an hour behind.  I haven’t slept well the past couple nights.  Isabelle has a cold or allergies….or something.  A day after we brought her home from the SPCA, she started sneezing and last night about 2am, she woke up sneezing madly and stayed up and paced.  I got up with her the first time and then fell back asleep for a couple hours, rising again at about 4:20am to her pacing and sneezing. so I got up and made some coffee.  We’re keeping an eye on her.  We don’t want anything to happen to her.

Oh, and btw, The Backwater Primer has it’s own email now.  Please send all correspondences to: backwaterprimer@yahoo.com.

I will check back in back here in a day or two.  I must get those reviews done ASAP.  Have a good hump day!



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