Healing Solutions Frankincense 100% Essential Oil


Frankincense Essential Oil - 100% Organic, Pure Therapeutic Grade from Healing Solutions
Frankincense Essential Oil – 100% Organic, Pure Therapeutic Grade from Healing Solutions

All opinions expressed here are 100% my own.  I was given a bottle of  Healing Solutions Frankincense oil in exchange to review on Amazon and I also offered to do a review on my blog too.

First, I would like to do a little background on Frankincense oil for those who are not familiar with it.  Frankincense is obtained from the trees from the genus Bosweilla.  There are four main species of Bosweilla that produce true Frankincense and resin from each of the four is available in various grades.  The grades are available at the time of harvesting.  The resin is sorted by hand for quality.  Frankincense is also mentioned in the bible as one of the  gifts the wise men gave to Jesus.

According to the description on the product page on Amazon, this Frankincense and even all the oils from Healing Solutions, have gone through rigorous quality testing controls.  They list the GMP, FDA, ISO 9001, and that it is also Kosher certified.

I have a very rudimentary knowledge of essential oils.  My Mother would know more because she is a consultant for a top three essential oil company in the US but I won’t name drop because this is a review for Healing Solutions, not them.  I myself can only comment on the fact that the FDA approval and the Kosher certification is an excellent thing.  I myself, though not Jewish, follow a Kosher diet because it is a moral and ethical and just a good common sense way to eat.

However, I went to one of my Mother’s “oil meetings’ and I was told that it is not a 100% pure essential oil if it cannot because taken internally and on this bottle of Frankincense, it says not to be taken internally but yet it says that it has the FDA seal of approval.  I cannot make that 100% judgement call because I am not a licensed physician nor am I as well-versed as my Mother is in oil.

I can, however, comment on its effectiveness on my personal self though.  I do know that the fastest method of delivery of absorption of an oil into your body is on the bottom of your foot because the skin there is the thinnest on your body.  I have been using it with fractured coconut oil and applying it to my feet at night to help aid my night time medicine and combat insomnia.  It obviously didn’t help this night, as I have been up all night and all morning.  It makes number 15 on this list HERE.

All in all, does the Frankincense work?  Yes, I believe it does.  Applying it to my feet was comparable to taking a Xanax before going to bed to settle and calm and just eliminate the racing thoughts that cluttered my mind.  I have yet to try the other 14 uses for it but I plan on.

But please let me note something of importance.  Using  essential oils is not for everyone.  Certain oils will not work on certain maladies on everyone.  This is not an exact science.  This is eliminated by trial and error.  My Mother bought me a blend of essential oils for menopausal symptoms that didn’t do a bloody thing.  But the next five oils worked like a charm.  It is just a thing, is all.  But is it worth the investment?  Oh yeah, it sure is!

I do recommend this Frankincense oil to everyone for anyone.  Even if you don’t use it for medical related afflictions, you can always put it in an oil burner.  It does smell exotic, different, and very lovely for sure.  🙂  Plus, you have nothing to loose.  If you are just trying their oil for the first time and you do not switch to it permanently as your new favorite oil , they will refund your money, guaranteed.

On another note, this Frankincense smells great too!  It is not an overwhelming scent and does not overpower you or others around you.

Healing Solutions offer 155 other essential oils.  The oils include your everyday oils like lavender and camphor to the mixed oils like love and joy.  To purchase them on Amazon, please go HERE.

8 thoughts on “Healing Solutions Frankincense 100% Essential Oil

  1. Just FYI: the FDA does not ‘approve’ or ‘endorse’ essential oils. A company may choose to comply with FDA labeling regulations, but that does not signify their approval. Secondly, although it is often most convenient to apply oils to the soles of the feet, the skin is NOT thinnest there, nor are the pores largest or more numerous. Otherwise think of all the awful things we would absorb and would become systemic by going barefoot! This myth was started by a certain oil MLM, has been picked up by others and is assumed to be true. It is not.

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    1. I know the FDA doesn’t and if I said they did, I said that in err and I formally retract my statement. There is no formal body in that US that governs essential oils. I also said the other statement in err as well. Thank you for pointing out my mistakes and airing your grievances. This is what makes the WordPress community an informed and happy place! ☺

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  2. I was reading somewhere, (I can’t remember where), that the reason some companies won’t recommend ingesting their oils is due to insurance purposes. It apparently cost millions of dollars to be able to label an oil for consumption. Meaning it would drive the cost of the oil up tremendously for the consumer.

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  3. Of all the skin on your body, only the palms and soles of the feet have an EXTRA stratum of epidermis, the Stratum Lucidum composed of dead keratinocytes (the cells responsible for our skin’s “water resistance”). So, to say that the sole of the foot has the “thinnest” skin on the body is false … it is actually some of the thickest. If you want the thinnest skin, look to the eyelids and genitals. However no one should put essential oils there.

    Source of my info: I’m a medical provider and have done clinical rotations through dermatology. However, thickness of the human skin has been well documented and is easily searchable on the web for anyone else.


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