November’s Beaver Full Moon

Hello, my dear readers!  There is another awesome astronomical occurrence coming up this November.  It is on today, 06 November 2014.  It is called the ‘beaver moon’.  This moon will actually appear in the skies Thursday night with the peak of Leonid meteor shower.

beaver moon full

Why is it called the beaver moon?  There has been some disagreement over the origin of the name.  Some say that it came from when the Native American sets beaver traps in the swamps to catch beavers before they froze over to make sure they had enough beaver pelts to keep them warm during the winter.

Beaver Pelt
Beaver Pelt


Others say that during this moon is when the beaver dam came alive with activity with beavers building their dams.

Beavers building a dam.
Beavers building a dam.

This moon is sometimes called a ‘frost moon’ by some Native American tribes.

This is the only moon that will stay in the sky all the night from sunset to sunup.  The rest of the month, the moon will appear part of the time in the daytime sky.  It will appear close in the sky to Uranus and Mercury too.

This is smallest full moon of the year and will be darkened by the shadow of the Earth that night or the next morning just before dawn for North America.  And if you happen to miss it the first time round, you will have a chance to see lighting up the sky boldly for the next two nights from dusk to dawn.

So, in summary, this is the best time to set your traps down at the ponds to make sure you have enough beaver pelts to keep you warm during this long and cold winter.  You will see all the beavers in the area down there because they will be building their dams.  And if you see this sight, then you truly know that it is, indeed, the November’s Full Beaver Moon.

Beaver gazing upon the full beaver moon.
Beaver gazing upon the Full Beaver Moon.

Hope you get a chance to see it.  I will be on the lookout to see it myself.

Until next time, bye!



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