Fantastic Smelling Old Factory Candles

I don’t think I really have said anything much of anything really, but the past month or so, I have been contacted at random by various sellers on Amazon to do product reviews on their products.  They would basically give me there product in exchange that I would do an honest, non-bias review on their product.  I said I would also blog about their product as well as do the review on Amazon.  So the first product review I am going to do is on the Old Fact0ry  candles since I have had them the longest.  This post will appear exactly as it is written here on Amazon.

Old Factory Candles, Scented, Natural Soy Wax Candles


Please note that these opinions expressed here are 100% my own opinion.  I received these candles in exchange that I would do a product review on Amazon, first and foremost, and then on my blog.

These candles come in a gift set of three.  They come nicely packaged in a bed of paper grass in a perfectly sized box in which they would not break during transport.  Old Factory Candles are made in the US.  There are so many different reasons to purchase these candles above all others.  Don’t let the size of these 2 ounce candles nor the price discourage you from purchasing them.  They pack a huge punch of beautiful scents and long burning time that other candle companies pale in comparison too.

These candles are made from natural soy wax and self-trimming cotton wicks, which makes each candle burn clean for over 20 hours.  These Old Factory candles jars are subtle designed so they will go with the decor of any room of any home.

I didn’t have a tea light for my pumpkin, so I put one of the Old Factory Candles in it and it fit like a glove 🙂

Old Factory Candles have so many scents to choose from.  You many in fact, have a hard time narrowing it down to one because I did.  I had narrowed it down to two before I choose the romance scent.  I think the rose petal scented Old Village Candle is my favorite for sure.  But I love rose water or rose petal scented anything.  The scents just filled the room and actually filled every room in our small apartment.  The Dark Chocolate Candle smells like someone is baking something.  I am sure that the other scents are just as nice too!  And if you don’t like them, they will refund your money, no hassles, no headaches, and they will even ship them back to them at their expense, guaranteed.

I chose the romance gift scent, which includes the scents of dark chocolate, rose petals, and champagne.  The scents were smelled identical to their names.  The candles did indeed burn clean over separate burning periods over three days and I still have almost half left of all three.  They provided a great gleaming light as well.  I think burning candles provides a whole lot of warmth and coziness to a cold and dark room anyway, especially during these long and dark winter months.

I like the fact too that this candles are manufactured in the US.  To me, this shows me that the company cares a lot about its employees enough to keep jobs and its money here stateside to make its employees and their families lives better.  They care and they abide by the old adage quality over quantity which is in alignment with their no hassle money back guarantee.  This is a company that you can count on and trust.

Old Village also cares about its customer and ensures its product will reach its destination intact after it leaves its facilities

It also provides assurance that the customer with have a healthy product a natural soy burning candle and not a toxic product.  Soy products are organic and so much more better for you to breath in rather than have wax burning candles.  Wax is so artificial and man made and is dangerous to your health.  Soy is just a better choice to go with.  This is also beneficial to its employees because they are not working around toxic chemicals too.

The candles were shipped relatively fast to my door too.  They will be at your door before you know it!

These candles would be great as gifts as well for both a lady and as a guy as well, for they have masculine scents specifically curated for guys as well.

I highly recommend these candles for your own personal use or for gifts.  If you are looking for a candle that is clean and long-burning, smells fantastic the whole, and subtly designed jars that will match any decor, these candles are the ones for you.  I am incredibly impressed by this candle and it beats out the big name competitors for sure.

Burning bright!
Burning clean, clear, and bright!

If you wish to purchase Old Factory Candles or to get more information on their candles, please click HERE to be taken to their Amazon page.


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