Over the Weekend

Hello, everyone!  I hope everyone had a fun and awesome weekend.

This weekend, we had a very small and intimate gathering here at the house for Justin’s 13th birthday.  Besides Justin, Chris, and myself, Chris’s Mom came, and my Mom and my sister Jeannie stopped by for 15 minutes.  My Mom got Justin some slippers and a few shirts.  Chris’s Mom brought a few pairs of jeans for Justin.  Oh, and she gave him a huge bag of Spree’s.  Those two are nuts for Spree’s.  I don’t see the appeal of crunchy outer coating and a chewy middle.  To me, chewy candies are only good for pulling out fillings.  That’s what my Mom and Dad taught us growing up.  We were never allowed any.

For cake, we had bought this frozen oreo cake.  It was pretty nice.  Pretty informal.  Justin wasn’t feeling well this weekend, so it was pretty low key.  He had had a friend over Friday night and they had stayed up pretty late Friday night so he was probably still tuckered out from that.

I got contacted to do another review.  It’s of Shea Butter.  I may of mentioned that I was going to do another review for Healing Solutions of some Peppermint oil.  It is going to be here today.   I have some ideas for it already.

Tomorrow I go for my MRI and then I go back up to Buffalo next Thursday to see my Neurologist.  This is the appointment we decide to do another surgery.  I may have to do it because I am not getting any better.

So Chris and I have been talking about postponing the wedding or just eloping and taking his tax refund in January next year and putting the money down on a foreclosed home.  We have been talking to our Mom’s about it and amongst ourselves and praying about it.  Idk.  We are not happy here in this tiny apartment or this neighborhood.  There is hardly any room in this apartment for the three of us plus Isabelle and we don’t have a backyard conducive for us to do stuff in or let Isabelle run in and I don’t have a room to sew in or go write in.  I think we would all be happier and better off if we had our own place and spaces and a place that was our own home.  But I don’t know a thing about eloping except Vegas and I don’t want to be within a hundred miles of that sinful place  🙂  I am thinking along the lines of some small country church tucked away somewhere were we can get married by a Christian pastor…or maybe that is some kind of romantic pipe drum that is not a reality and only exists in my world…

Today is a nice day.  Low 50s.  I am going to take advantage of this mild weather and get some laundry out on the line.

So, that was my weekend.  What was yours like?  How about commenting below and let me know how yours was?  Or if someone can give me some tips about eloping, that would be great too.

Talk to you later  🙂


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