If You’re Backed Up, This May Help You Get Moving

I was given this product in exchange for my honest review.

Colon Cleanse Detox Plus Extra
Strength from HealthyNow Nutritionals

The only detox I have ever done is a kidney detox and idk if it even counts.  Every couple of months on a nonspecific weekend, I will buy a couple gallons of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and drink nothing but that and tons of water that entire weekend and eat very little.  Maybe that would be more of a flush perhaps???
Well, when I got the opportunity to try this colon cleanse, I was like, sure.  I have suffered bowel problems for most of life, having bouts of unexplained diarrhea right through my teen life and most recently, I would say the last five years or so, I have suffered through even longer bouts of constipation lasting as long as three weeks time and an everlasting swollen abdomen which may or may not be related to that that started to appear after my back surgery last year for they went through there.
This colon cleanse said it would help relieve constipation, remove old build-up and waste for a flatter tummy, regulate digestion, improve the absorption of nutrients in the body, increase energy, promote weight loss naturally, improve digestion health, and promote overall balance of health.
The only benefits I have not reaped thus far is the weight loss, a flatter tummy, and weight loss.
I highly recommend everyone doing a colon cleanse every 4-6 months and using this particular colon cleanse.  There is just so much toxicity in everything that is causes so many horrid and ghastly health problems and rather to fight them off, it is just so much easier to do this simple, 10-day cleanse.
If you happen to meander over here from my Amazon review on the Colon Cleanse Detox Plus Extra Strength from HealthyNow Nutritionals, then this is just going to be a repeat for you.  Please feel free to skip right on to the next paragraph.  If not, don’t skip this next part!  Thanks!
About half way through my review period, HealthyNow Nutritionals were kind enough to email me a couple times to make sure that things were “moving along”(so aptly put)  🙂 as well as providing me with 4 “powertips” to me help along the way.  Tips such as to add more leafy greens like spinach, broccoli, kale, etc.  There are tons of leafy veggies that are green that you have your choice of that you find that pleases your palate.  It is recommended that you eat two servings of fruits and vegetables each day.  Decrease red meat and wheat and increase your fiber intake.  Another suggestion was to incorporate more movement into your day like stretching before you go to bed or as simply as talking 15 minutes to walk down your street and back.  Physical movement will also help get your bowels moving too.
These veggie capsules went down amazingly easy with water followed by another 8 oz. afterwards.  It is crucial that you take these with water and drink plenty of water whilst taking these.  I started day one with just one pill and there was no difference and on day two, I took two pills and later that day, I started to get some movement.  In the days that followed, I was up to two bowel movements a day, which was a huge improvement to the past five years.  I would have one in the morning and one in the evening that I could set my clock by.
I believe, based on my severe constipation, that these will work on anyone’s system and that is taking into consideration that everyone’s system is different too, which is why I suggest starting on one pill a day and then if no result, go up to two.
During the time of my cleanse, I stuck to a somewhat strict diet of a gluten free, organic, non-GMO, no red meat, and high fiber diet.  With a few exceptions.  In the morning, I would have a bowl of oatmeal and a banana.  I would also have a few cups of coffee with cream and sugar(with only the creamer being gluten free).  I would also have 24oz. of water with my medicine.  Between then and lunch, another 24oz. of water.  Then for lunch, another 24oz. of water and a non-GMO and organic apple.  Apples plus their skin have a lot of fiber in them.  For dinner, I would either have a piece of fish or scallops that was gluten free and organic steamed brussel sprouts or a mix of green beans, onions, broccoli, and mushrooms. Plus another 24oz. of water.  The other exception was that every couple of days I would have a can of Pepsi.  That is a killer.  And I didn’t drink that much of it prior anyway.
In summary, a colon cleanse is really quite simple. You can purchase the Colon Cleanse Detox Plus Extra Strength from HealthyNow Nutritionals on Amazon if you wish.  Follow a very simple diet of no red meats, high fiber, green leafy vegetables, gluten-free, non-GMO, and organic foods.  Go take one 15 minute walk a day.  And all this for 10 days every 4-5 months to ensure that toxins and build-up are flushed from your body and at the same time, you may also have some weight loss and a flatter tummy. 
Have you ever done a colon cleanse?  What was your experience and your outcome with it?  Not that you are under any obligation to do so but did you go ahead and purchase Colon Cleanse Detox Plus Extra Strength from HealthyNow Nutritionals?

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