An Amazing New Series From Such Unexpected Beginnings

I participated in the “After” Anna Todd blog program as a member of One2OneNetwork.  I received compensation but all my opinions are strictly my own.


After” is an amazing new book by twenty-five year old first-time author Anna Todd and the first in a four-part adult romance series from Simon & Schuster that is being made into a movie.  Paramount Pictures is releasing the first installment in October. 
After” had humble beginnings as Anna Todd began writing it on Wattpad in 2013 on her phone between running errands and appointments.  She published new installments every couple of days.  She combined her love of One Direction and reading into this book, as her book is about a young girl named Tessa and Haydin Styles, a young man modeled after real-life singer of One Direction, Henry Styles.  It wasn’t long before her 2,500 page story had an outstanding billion views, over 16 million comments and rising.
Anna never thought she would ever be an author.  A month after high school, she married her husband, whom she is still married to.  Between her husband’s three deployments to Iraq, she would various jobs from working at a makeup counter to an IRS processing center.  She and her husband live in Texas.
Anna Todd had typed most of “After” out on Wattpad and her brainchild was born.  Later, the world of “After” and the story was taken beyond the boundaries of Wattpad and expanded to Instagram and Twitter, where her readers were able to share art, music, and pictures.
Wattpad is a community of readers and writers whose stories are free.  There are over 40 million people around the world that have been connected with a shared interest and love of reading and writing.  Wattpad is as mobile and social as you are.


Anna Todd can be found on Wattpad at:

user name: Imaginator1D  HERE
Twitter: @imaginator1Dx
Instagram: @imaginator1d HERE

After” and the next three installments by Anna Todd can be purchased at HERE at Barnes and Noble and for your E-reader HERE.




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