Coloring Fun With Painting LuLu & the Digital Crayon & Stylus

***Please note that I received compensation for this post in exchange for my honest review both here on my blog and Amazon.***

Does your child or children love to color and play on your tablet or smartphone?  The Painting Lulu app with their digital crayon/stylus is the perfect app for kids who love both. This stylus not only works with this app but outside this app too.  This app is for Android connected devices only and it is free of charge when purchased with the Painting Lulu digital stylus/crayon.


The crayon is chunky for those small hands to grasp and durable.  It looks and feels like a real crayon.  It is made out of rubber and the tip of it is soft rubber so it will not damage your device’s screen.  Not at a lot of pressure is required to initiate the colors of the crayon within the app nor to touch anywhere else on your smartphone or tablet.  I have used it both on my HTC One M8 and Google Nexus 10 tablet with fine results.

The app itself is easy to download and comes with 5 coloring books to choose from with tons of pages to color.  Once you have finished coloring that page, you can erase it and start all over again and you can save it to your device or you can email it to anyone you wish.  There are more coloring books to come plus you can purchase more.  Also, you can upload your own coloring book pages to color within the app.


This Painting Lulu app is great because it teaches young children hand-eye coordination and teaches them to be creative plus to color within the lines.  It will provide your kid(s) with hours of fun!  I have never had much success coloring within in the lines in a traditional coloring book and crayon, so I did not fair much better with this crayon.  Our 13-year-old son colored with this for about ten minutes(he is too old to color anyway) and said it was fun and kool.  My fiancee used the stylus on his phone and tooled around with it for a while, an HTC One and said it worked really good on his phone.  He doesn’t use a stylus.  I use a stylus constantly and I have actually been using it a lot on my phone and tablet and haven’t yet encountered any issues.
Here is an example of a page I had colored, before and after:


The Painting Lulu Digital Stylus Crayon/Stylus and App is recommended for ages 3 and up.  It comes in seven different colors. It can be purchased on Amazon HERE.

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