Healthnex Supplements Turmeric Curcumin Review

***Please note that I received compensation for this post in exchange for my honest review here on my blog and on Amazon***


Healthnex Supplements has some amazing Turmeric Premium Grade Curcumin supplements.  It is 95% Curcuminoids. It is all 100% pure and natural.  No fillers.  No binders.  And no chemicals.  It is manufactured in a FDA facility in the USA.


Curcuminis the yellow pigment of Turmeric, which is a popular spice in Indian cooking. It is also used in Ayurvedic medicine for hundreds of years on the Indian subcontinent.  Turmeric provides so many wonderful health benefits all around.
Turmeric can help your skin tone and your skin health.  It does wonders for your joint function, especially if you suffer from any form of arthritis.  By taking this Turmeric, your digestive and bowel health may also improve.  Your immune system will get a boost from this.  It may even contain powerful antioxdant properties that have been shown to help slow down the aging process. 


Directions are quite simple. You are to take one capsule per day with a meal at the same time.  If you are not feeling any benefits by two weeks, you can increase the dosage to two pills but do NOT exceed more than two pills daily.  I take one pill daily with my breakfast.


If you have read a few of my other reviews on joint supplements or even if you haven’t, I myself suffer from a myriad of chronic and debilitating disorders that impede my every day life.  I have chronic back pain in my lower back from seven herniated discs, fibro pain and fibro fog, gastrointestinal issues, and a few other issues that aren’t necessarily important to this post.  I thought taking this Turmeric would help.  From reading all the glowing comments on the Amazon product listing and doing research, I thought this would help me out a lot. 
I have had slight relief, mostly from the fibro pain.  I am still in agonizing daily pain from my back, in fact, I am going for surgery again on it 13 January 2015.  I understand that everyone is different and things don’t happen overnight and I have different things happening going on within my body than everyone else that may be impeding the awesome benefits of this Turmeric Curmeric.
It has so many great benefits like the fact that it benefits your whole body not just your joints.  I love the fact that they made in the US, in an FDA approved facility.  They are veggie capsules, so they are tasteless, go down easy, and are gentle on your stomach.  I highly recommend Healthnet Supplement Turmeric Curcumin Capsules Premium Grade Standardarized 95% Cucuminoids. They can be purchased from Amazon HERE.

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