Just Before

she turned the corner at 85mph
the sirens were getting louder and closer behind her
she knew that the end was near
glancing through the intersection
she saw that there were no cars coming
the light was red
pressing down on the accelerator
she sped through the intersection
for some reason she recalled
her 10th birthday, one of the happier times in her life
and she wanted to stop, but couldn’t
the red lights glared angrily in her rear view mirror
she never saw the semi coming
she lost control and skidded into the other lane
too late to hear the semi’s horn blaring
as her crashed head-on into it
her death was quick, there was no suffering
such a terrible loss, the cop criied as he pulled up to the wreckage
stunned at what lay before him
the sorry, sad, pathetic shape of the car
and the life that had so much potential

Please note this can also be found on Wattpad.  My username on there is backwaterprimer.  I know that many of you are not on Wattpad, so I am going to start putting them up on here so y’all who aren’t on Wattpad don’t miss out.  You’re very welcome  🙂

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