Not Going To Be Around For A Little While

Hi, everyone! Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday!

Since I just had surgery, I am going to take a week at least for myself. See how things go. Set up PT. Go to my post-op appointment in a week and go from there. I will still blog and put up stories up on here and Wattpad, just not thus week.

I really am blessed with all the great people in my life as well as being a firm believer in Christ. I have to stop and reflect and thank God for them more often!

It was was a very rough and trying night. Touch and go at times. But between the creative thinking, compassion, and uber patience of my nightshift team of more than qualified nurses, the Lord beside their side and my side  plus the messages of thoughts, prayers, and love from my dear family and friends back home, I made it through. I am bound and determined to make it home by evening today if Doctor allows. I am able to be ambulatory with assistance, even if slow and for short distances. My pain is managed well, at this point. No more nausea. And the surgery was a success and went as it should. Thank you once again, everyone! Y’all were a big part of what kept me going last night. And a big thank you to my dear Mom who drove up here yesterday to be with us. I love you. And my beloved fiancé who has been by my side through it all. Thank you and I love you! Thanks to Amy and her friends for taking care of Isabelle whilst where gone too. I know this is but one night and that I have many months of recovery and PT ahead of me but I shall not fail with the Lord by my side and all the other earthly support backing me.

And thank you, my readers, for bearing with me during this time.  Your support means so much to me.

Have a great day!

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