I Go On


I Go On

My heart aches
at the thought
that I may never see you again

I have left a place where I have felt
security, comfort, warmth
and above all.
I left you

The place that I left for is
big, old, scary, ugly
harsh and unfeeling

Nothing here reminds me of you
But I miss you
And I hope you know
That I will always love you dearly, cordially

Though I may never see you again
Take  comfort that I will always think of you
Whilst hoping you still love me

But I go on
Just as the sun rises and sets
I will learn to live without you

I will live without the touch
of your silky-smooth hand
upon my skin

Or the feel of your soft lips 
pressing upon mine
or the way you make me feel when when you are in my  presence

I will go on

This can also be found on Wattpad now HERE

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