Regarding Future Essential Oil Posts & Reviews

Because of concerns brought forth regarding the effectiveness and safety of certain essential oil brands, essential oils in general, and my admittedly lack of knowledge in essential oils and alternative therapies, I am seriously reconsidering doing any more reviews of them here on The Backwater Primer. It is NOT my intention to misinform, mislead, to give speculations, or to spread any false information regarding essential oils and/or alternative therapies.  I was given the two or three oils in the past to review, give my honest opinion on their effectiveness, and to tell a little about that particular essential oil.  I do NOT claim to be an expert in essential oils.  In summary, because of comments and other concerns brought to light, I may not do any more essential oil reviews on here, even though I am passionate about them, wish to share them with my beloved readership, and desire to write aboit which I have a burning passion about.
Thank you for understanding.  I wish to thank those who brought their concerns and grievences to light.  It is those that make the WordPress community a reliable and happy place to be☺
Thank you for understanding and have a lovely day!

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