Heather Gets Her S*#t Together Week

All last week, I was sick.  I had some bronchitis, sinus infection, upper respiratory thingy going on.  I spent most of the week in bed.  Housework piled up around me and the wedding invites were suppose to be put together and sent out and my fiancee worked many hours last week so needless to say, nothing got done around here that was supposed to.

So this week I declared it to be “Heather’s Gets Her S*&t Together Week”.  Not only have I planned to catch up from last week, but I was going to do things that I have had in the works for the last six months or so.  Like craft projects, writing up and scheduling blog posts, working on reviews, seasoning my cast iron pans, cleaned the stove top, etc.  So far, I have gotten some of these things done.

Needless to say, though I felt really accomplished on Monday, I was one very tired but very happy homemaker!

I rewarded myself by going fishing with Chris yesterday.  That was miserable!  Living in western NY, we are blessed once in a while by experiencing all three(or even all four!) seasons in one day.  Yesterday, it was spring, summer, and autumn.  But that is another post for another time.

The wedding invites were postmarked this morning and I cannot wait to unveil them to you guys!  Stay tuned!

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