Big Fish by Ahmad Amani
Big Fish by Ahmad Amani

Ahmad Amani provided me with a complimentary copy of his delightful little children’s book. Big Fish is about a long fish who wants to make friends but ends up falling in with the wrong crowd by doing bad things to fit in with them before he learns what he has to do to fit in with the right crowd. Beautifully illustrated, he teaches a wonderful lesson in there that even a toddler would understand and that is very crucial to learn. Within the story, it is easy to understand in this book with fishes in the ocean and the moon and with bright, bold, and beautiful illustrations. This story, both written and illustrated by Ahmad Amani, will delight any young child and will make a favorite on your tablet that will make your children come back to read it again and again. I recommend this book for anyone with young children who are looking for wholesome books that have a moral to the story as well.  You can purchase this book for free for you Kindle ONLY at Amazon HERE.

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