Oliver & Jumpy Book Series by Werner Skejskal

Oliver & Jumpy Books 1-3 by Werner Stejskal
Oliver & Jumpy
Books 1-3
by Werner Stejskal

Oliver and Jumpy are wonderfully illustrated stories penned by Werner Stejskal that won’t fail to entertain any young audience. The book series follows the delightfully charming black, Oliver, along with his adventures with his friend, Jumpy. Not only are they fun to read, but they also teach good morals that are crucial for every child to know and they will easily learn them through reading these books.  Each book has a different exciting adventure. All of the books are colorfully illustrated and will capture the mind and eyes of any child. These stories will be a great edition to any child’s library on a Kindle. This would also be a great book for a child to start reading when they learn how to read too. It is easy to read to and easy to follow too.

In book  1, Oliver introduces us to himself and his friend Jumpy, and their encounter with Molly the Mole.  In book 2, Oliver saves a duck from a duck from an eagle who is looking for a quick meal.  In book 3, Jumpy has a secret to tell Oliver.

In book 7, Winterland, Oliver tells of how he spent the snow day with his friends Jumpy

Oliver  Jumpy  Stories 7-9  by Werner Stejskal
Oliver Jumpy
Stories 7-9
by Werner Stejskal

and Joey. In book 8, Baby Oliver, Oliver shares a story of when he was a baby. In Book 9, Egging, he tells of how where they live, they raffle off the different eggs of the animals and other animals hatch the eggs of other animals. These are wholesome, fun stories that any parents would want to read their children.

I was provided Oliver & Jumpy, stories 1-3 and 7-9, complimentary by the author in exchange for an honest review.  You can purchase this story and the rest of the series at Amazon only for Amazon Kindle for $2.99 by going HERE.

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