It is astounding the people I network with and meet through my blogging escapades.  I never even thought that I could or even would do a blog post on music, which is another huge passion of mine!  I recently just had the opportunity to chat with QB Entertainment, a rap/hip-hop entertainment music group on Twitter.  They represent some very talented up and coming rap/hip-hop artists.  They recently just dropped a new album called ‘We Chasing the Dream Not the Competition Part 2’, which you can find on Soundcloud.  Take a listen here.  Trust me.  You’re going to love it.  I did.


Murda Mills
Murda Mills

All of their songs have super great beats.  Their motto speaks volume about the label “A goal without a plan is just a wish!”.  There mottos are reflected there their album titles.  Their first album, “We On the Rise” was released on March 2011.  A prestigious party was held at NYC’s 40/40 nightclub in Manhattan.  After the successful release of the first album, they shot the music video to the single of the first album to the song “Take It to the Top”.  Work on their second album ensued in February 2012 and “We Chasing the Dream Not the Competition” was released in December 2012.

QB Entertainment was originally from NYC but they are now located in

Young Drizzle
Young Drizzle

Philadelphia, PA.  QB Entertainment is made up of Geraldo known as G-wezzy, Jarrel known as Young Infamous, Dinny known as Drizzle and William known as Murda Millz. These young men rap about life, struggles, dreams, and their environment. G-wezzy, Infamous, Drizzle and Murda Millz were born and raised in Brooklyn, New York.  They were great friends during school, but after high school, they parted.  After a while, they reunited in Philadelphia and their friendship and musical chemistry were reunited once again.


QB Entertainment believes “A goal without a plan is just a wish!” Due to the philosophy, they have chosen to live by it resulted in their CD titled “WE ON THE RISE” which was released in March, 2011. This album released was followed by a prestigious party held at the 40/40 night club in Manhattan New York. After the success of their first released CD; QB Entertainment shot their first music video title “TAKE IT TO THE TOP” the first hit single from their CD “WE ON THE RISE”. In February 2012,


QB Entertainment had begun to work on their second album titled “WE CHASING THE DREAM NOT THE COMPETITION” this album was released in December 2012.

QB believes that happiness is the key to success, not the other way around.  They love music and have the confidence and the drive to do almost anything.  QB Entertainment is also made up of young entrepreneurs that have also started a clothing line that is in the works.  These young men believe in giving back to their community as well.  These strong minded men strongly believe in giving back to their communities.  They have the the strength and power as young visionaries to know that everything is possible with God in their lead and in control to keep going forward and to never give up.



QB Entertainment can be found at several places online including:


QB Entertainment. on FB

QB ENT on Reverb Nation

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