I don’t post for two weeks and I get inundated with spam comments…sorry about that, guys!

This past few weeks having been maniacal with all this wedding planning and prepare work.  We have spent a great deal of time up at my parents cleaning and doing yard work.

One day last week we spent the day with Chris’s Mom and took her up to my parents’ house to show her h

The Mountain Laurel, which is what New York is known for, is in full bloom
Chris & I
An old jack
Chris out on a rock

ow to get there and around, for she had never been there before.  Afterwards, we took her up to our wedding venue, Rock

Chris & his Mom

City Park.


This past Sunday, Chris’s Mom took Chris and Justin shopping for their attire for the wedding and I went along because I had to assist with the choosing of the colors, the appropriate attire, and to, well, keep frustrations at bay. Justin wanted to be here playing the PS3(he was with us last weekend) and Chris started to get frustrated because I don’t think he really realized how much everything would cost.  On top of that, we couldn’t find a lilac shirt in Justin’s size. So we bought the only one they had, which is a size too big. But when I got home, I found the correct size on eBay and it was even 80% cheaper than the one we purchased at JCPenny’s. So that one is going back and we’ll buy the one on eBay.  But boy, was I tired and exhausted when I got home last Sunday.  We went to 9 different stores that day! My word!

Yesterday, after Chris got home, for the first time in over a month, we went fishing back up to the pond.  Between the rain and the wedding planning, I don’t have the pictures edited and watermarked yet that I took with my camera, but I took these two with my phone. 



It was such a beautiful day yesterday.  Not very muggy and a soft, cool breeze was coming off the pond.  I got some awesome shots that I cannot wait to finish processing them to share with you.

We have already received two wedding gifts from my cousin and his wife. A 6 pc. Pyrex set(we love Pyrex and actually have a few more pieces on our registry), and a mandolin slicer.  Chris uses one at the restaurant he works at and has wanted one at home for the longest time and was thrilled when we received it in the mail the other day.

Mandolin Slicer
6pc. Easy Grab & Go Pyrex Set

My posts in the next couple months may be sporadic because of time constraints between wedding planning and trying to maintain my health and level of anxiety and sanity too.  I am already stressing majorily about these more than any other feeling at this point.  But I will try to work on posts and schedule them in advance so you get an update here or there or something at least weekly. But rest assure, I promise not to abandon you, my dear and loyal readers!

That’s all I have for now. Enjoy the rest of your week and I will post again next week!

In the meantime, I shall leave you with this thought….


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