Catching Up In June 2015

Hi all!  I hope the weather is such in your area that you’re able to enjoy the beginning of summer, but I’m hearing a lot of snippets from friends around the country who are facing too much water, too little water, baking heat or some combination of the above.  I suspect this year may be one for the record books in some areas.  This weekend we are experiencing rain.  It has rained all day today and tomorrow it is expected to continue.  Monday and the rest of the week it is supposed to be clear and the temps are supposed to rise back up to the normal levels of summer here in western NY.

Through July and August, we are going to be very busy with wedding plans.  We are going to be doing a lot of DIY’ing to defray costs.  There is still so much we have to do to get ready.  We have the rings already.  They came in this past Thursday, so that is taken care of.  Next, we have to sit down and write our wedding vows and then sit down with our officiate to finalize the ceremony.  We have been going up to my Mom and Dad’s almost every chance we can when Chris hasn’t been working to do outside work done and the crafts and stuff.  Chris and my Mom are currently working on the flowerbeds outside.  My Dad is working on breaking the cement up on the back patio to lay down some new cement.  The roof had collapsed this past winter.  Both the roof and cement were original and were put in back in 1890.

Tomorrow we are going to go up and help out as Chris is off on Sundays.  He is going to finish up the flower beds and help Dad out with the laying of the cement, weather permitting, and I plan on working on the bridesmaids gifts.

Because of time constraints, here is what I plan to do about blog posts for July & August.  I want to work on getting some together this week and schedule them to post during the next couple of months so you guys won’t feel like I left you hanging.  I can also post occasionally/periodically on my phone too.  I don’t really want to post a lot of wedding stuff only because I want to leave an element of surprise for you guys and finish up August with a few posts with wedding stuff.

I do have some pictures to share though that were taken in the last two weeks.  We were able to take a few hours and go fishing up at the pond.  Because of the weather and Chris working a lot and spending time up at my parents’ house, we hadn’t had a chance to go up there.  I have posted a few shots from the batch of photos I took there.  We went up last Tuesday, 23 June.  If you would like to see the full batch of photos, then feel free to visit The Serene View.  Then last Sunday, I took some photos in my mother-in-law’s backyard.


I have some ideas for posts that I want to do.  I hope I have time to get them done.  There is a lot going on right now between the wedding stuff, my best friend is having some problems right now, and some other stuff too.  I am also not taking on any more reviews in July or August.  I just simply don’t have the time.  If I don’t focus on this wedding and maintain the right mindset and maintain my self, I am never going to make it through.  Stress is a killer.  I have to remember this…

just breathe

I will be in touch again soon, my dear readers!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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