The Past Few Weeks In Photos Sunday 12 July 2015

I found this really neat site.  I read about it first on Huffington Post.   They had a small write-up about it. Now you can emoji-fy any website.  I did my site too.  To get to The Backwater Primer, it would look something like this: http://🔑☁🍖😜🐷💩🍅🐶.🍕💩.ws  Pretty neat, right?  To go try it now on any website, just click here to go to linkmoji.

Anyway, hope everyone is doing well.  We have been very busy this past week.  Chris and I have made a couple trips up to Mom & Dad’s.  Chris finished painting the porch and Mom and I finished making the boutonnieres and my bouquet.  Our cake topper came in last Monday.

The bachelorette party was pretty fun last night.  We took a supper meal at an Amish woman’s home, Cindy’s Home Cooking, in Panama, NY.  The meal consisted of fresh baked bread, salad, roast beef, mashed potatoes, gravy, desserts, and everything was so delicious!  I could never cook like that!  It had so much flavor in it.  She had two very young girls and they were staring at us, watching us, so curious.  They were all so super nice.  It was the first time I had ever been in an Amish home, but I have been around plenty of Amish folk in my life.  I rode up with my bff.  My Mom, my Grandma, my sister Grace, my Mom’s bff, my bff’s Mom, and my bff’s sister came last night.

Today is the bridal shower.  My grandma is coming here at 1 o’clock to pick me up.  Afterwards, I am going to go visit one of my friends who is in town with her baby daughter.  She and I spent a great deal of time together growing up and I spent a lot of time over at her house and her parents’ are like my second parents’.  I haven’t met her baby and I am looking forward to seeing them.

Here are some pictures from the past couple of weeks.


I have to go get ready.  My Grandma is picking me up soon to go to the bridal shower.  I hope everyone is enjoying what is left of the weekend.  I will talk to y’all soon!


2015-07-08 07.48.46







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