The Full Snow Moon


I hope you guys got out last night and caught a glimpse of the Full Snow Moon last night.  What a sight!  Chris got out of work last night about quarter to 10 last night and even though he worked doubles, 12 hours, straight through with no break, he offered to take me out to somewhere that offered an unobstructed view.

First, we stopped at Country Fair for something quick to eat along the way and decided to drive up to Phieffer Nature Center on top of Lillibridge road in Portville.  There is a big open field and ranges in elevation from 1,900 to 2,300 feet above sea level along a steep valley wall that faces west.  The views are spectacular and on a clear day you can see twenty-two miles west to the peaks of Allegany State Park.  Totally unobstructed and none of those pesky power lines that always “photobomb” my pictures here at the house.


It was pretty cold out so we didn’t stay long.  I got a dozen or so shots, a good group to choose from. 

Did you happen to see Jupiter was out?  The bright object in the sky below it to the left was Jupiter.  I got some shots of it too but either my camera is not powerful enough to capture it or I just don’t know how to shoot star and galaxy’s.


Did you get any amazing pictures last night?  Did you see the Full Snow Moon last night?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.  If you liked this post, please like, share, and follow my blog if you haven’t already.  I’m trying to get a 100 followers by Spring.  Thanks!


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