Some Recommendations & Tidbits For September 2016

In Old English, September is called Haervest-monath(Harvest Month).  This is time when the harvest is gathered, ready and put up for the winter months.  September’s name comes from the Latin word septem, meaning “seven”.  This month

Mary Howitt quote meme


This year, Labor Day, (the first Monday in September), falls on the 5th.  Did you know Canadians also celebrate Labour Day as well?

Patriot Day is observed in the U.S. on 11 September or 9/11.

patriots day

Grandparents’ Day is also celebrated on 11 September  too!  Please honor your grandparents(if you still have them) today and every day.  I have two Grandma’s left whom are alive and kicking in their 80s! 🙂


Fall is right around the corner!  The Autumnal Equinox falls on 23 September this year.  At this moment, there is an equal amount of daylight and darkness hours in a day.  Find you current sunrise and sunset HERE.


The month is then wrapped up on 29 September with Michealmas, an ancient Celtic “Quarter Day”.  This day was marked with the end of the harvesting and steeped heavily in folklore.

St. Micheal
St. Micheal

Some seasonal all-time favorites to bake would be:

Apple Pie Recipe by Grandma Ople
Apple Pie Recipe by Grandma Ople


Autumn Cheesecake Recipe
Autumn Cheesecake Recipe
Apple Crisp Recipe
Apple Crisp Recipe








This is a great time Martins on TM12 300to prepare winter bird seed for those of our feathered friends who stay around in the winter.



Full Harvest Moon
Full Harvest Moon



The Full Harvest Moon will be making its annual appearance on 16 September 2016 3:05P.M. EST.  There will also be other night sky events going on this month as well.


Some Folklore For This Month:

  • Heavy September rains bring drought
  • September blow soft, till the fruit’s in the loft
  • Married in September’s golden glow, smooth and serene your life will go
  • If the storms of September clear off warm,  the storms of the following winter will be warm
  • Fair on September 1st, fair for the month
September's Flower-Asteraceae(Aster amellus)
September’s Flower-Asteraceae(Aster amellus)
Sapphire, September's Birth Stone, which was once thought to guard against poisioining and evil
Sapphire, September’s Birthstone, which was once thought to guard against poisoning and evil
September's other flower, the Morning Glory(Convolvulaceae)
September’s other flower, the Morning Glory(Convolvulaceae)


fall is here
I’m excited! Are you?

What are you looking forward to(or baking) this fall?  I’d love for you to continue the conversation below.  And if you’ve liked this post, please tic like below and give it a share if you’ve really liked it.  Thanks 🙂

Till next time~


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