The Devil’s Tramping Ground


I read a lot of things on the internet, especially the paranormal and the unexplained.  Whether it’s fact or fiction, I like a good and intriguing story.  I came across this one the other day that I thought you might be interested in.  I will leave it up to you to decide.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground, near the Harper’s Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina.

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is a camping spot in a forest near the Harper’s Crossroads area in Bear Creek, North Carolina. It has been the subject of persistent local legends and lore, which often allege that the Devil “tramps” and haunts a barren circle of ground in which nothing can grow. It has often been noted on lists of unusual place names.

Strange stories are known locally about the ring.  Such stories are that dogs yap and howl, things left in the middle of it disappear overnight, and strange events occur to those brave enough to spend the night in the middle of it.  In the past 100 years, nothing has grown within 40 feet of it.  Legend has it that this is the very place that the Devil himself can rise from the fiery depths of hell, and come to earth.  On certain nights, the Devil supposedly able to walk in circles here and bring evil to this world.

Legend has it that people who spend the night in this circle are never sane again.  Many people have reported strange shadows among the treeline watching them.  They’ve also seen pairs of red eyes from within the circle and the sound of footsteps in and around the area.  Teens especially like to test their bravery.  One teen recounted his experience when he and his friends stood in the circle, “It felt like a large hand rose from the ground and grabbed my heart.  I fell to my knees…it hurt so bad…I couldn’t move.”  It wasn’t until he apologized to the entity for trespassing that he was finally released.

There is also other legends that state the vengeful spirits of the Waxhaw Indians were slaughtered and buried there beneath the infertile soul hundreds of years ago.  Their restless spirits now kill anything that spends too much time on their grave.

Animals completely avoid the circle.  A visitor’s dog choked itself on its leash to avoid the middle of the circle.  Others have witnessed small animals dying on the edge of the circle.

witches in woods1
cult of satanic worshippers in woods

There have also been reports of satanic rituals taking place within the circle.  During the 1970s and 80s, it is believed that a small cult of devil worshippers used the area for the sacrifice of animals in unholy worship.



lady dtgr
The Devil’s Tramping Ground back in the 1950s

However, the camping spot is in fact mostly bare, though there is some vegetation, as indicated in the photo above.  Objects as well as campers have stayed and remained in the circle overnight.  The site is often littered with trash, beer cans, and bottles, as well as “spooky” spray-painting on nearby trees.  All of which suggest that the local youth are the “nighttime” trampers.

road signThe Devil’s Tramping Ground is said to be a perfect circle, 40 feet across, the perimeter of which is a path about a foot wide.  It is about 50 miles south of Greensboro off a quiet, tree-lined country road.  It is apparently not easy to find and be ready for some mild off-road hiking, rural driving, and super-natural phenomenon.



Fact or fiction?  I leave it up to you to decide.  If you like this post, please tic “like”.  I always welcome feedback from my post or anything else in the comments below.

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2 thoughts on “The Devil’s Tramping Ground

  1. I love that kind of legends! I’m not really superstitious, but I like anything that stimulate my imagination. One part of my brain imagines what stories I could write based on it while the other wonder what the scientific explanation could be. ^_^


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